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The Cellulite Defense Cream is gentle enough for any skin type. It's perfect for anyone looking to tone, firm, and tighten skin or visibily reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

✪ Same Workout, Better Results 

Apply the cellulite cream before yoga / workout sessions in order to further relax your muscles, improve metabolism, and reduce cellulite. Use alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise for better results. 

✪ Dual Cellulite and Fat Reducer 

Cellulite-reducing L-Carnitine converts fat into energy while the essential oils keep your skin firm for a healthier look. 

✪ Powerful Features: 

✔Soothing and Relaxing, Relieves Muscle Tightness and Muscle Pain 

✔Firms, Smooths, Tones Skin 

✔Reduce Unwanted Fat On The Abdomen, Thighs, Hips And Buttocks 

✔Eliminates Cellulite 

✔Designed To Help You Achieve A Youthful Glow. 

Made with natural and organic ingredients, no harmful chemicals and cruelty free 

✪ Note: 

♥Test a small amount on skin first before applying to larger areas. If the product is uncomfortable or causes irritation, please discontinue use. Only apply onto intact skin and avoid areas with skin conditions such as eczema, sunburn or dermatitis. 

♥Repeatedly rub the cream onto your skin until fully absorbed. A warm sensation might occur during the massage. In case the skin feels uncomfortably hot, apply a lighter pressure while massaging more slowly. Please massage until the skin area feels warm. 

♥First results are visible after 2 months of daily use. For better results, please make sure to massage until the full absorption of the cream and use alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise. 

✪ SAFETY WARNING: External Use Only. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. 


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User-USA-5 Stars

My third purchase the consistency is working lost 8 pounds so far around my belly I look way better in my clothes my husband is buying some aswell thanks

Sharice Wright-Harlem-5 Stars

works good! My clothes getting baggy round my abdomen VALUE FOR MONEY!