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This tea is extremely effective for those who would like to reduce weight / burn fat / detox 
suitable for men & women
results May vary for individuals,

Ingredients :

Large flower 65% Hawthorne 8% Chamomile 4% Radish 3% Carmelia 3% Steering bean 3% Morning-glory 4%

Usage :
Do not use boiling or hot water
Pour a cup of cold water over a tea bag of slimming tea and let rest for 30 minutes.
Then sip the tea. One cup two to three times daily to be taken in the morning afternoon and before sleep.


results may vary for individuals 
weight loss results & improved health not garaunteed 
not suitable if breast feeding, pregnant or under 18 years old
if on medication please consult your doctor before consumption 
please be aware of allergic reactions 
​​​​​​​this product is to be used with a healthy diet and exercise routine 

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Shona-Houston-5 Stars

Amazing detox tea, a nurse once told me the secret to weightloss it was very simple she said "what goes in must come out" and believe me this tea will get everything out! Usually one tea bag should do the trick but it really depends on your body frame I use 2bags every evening then the toilet is my best friend in the morning 😉

Spiritual ocean-USA-5 Stars

First of all I have a lazy stomach, and food get stuck, I suffer from fibromyalgia And LUPUS so most of my body is swollen including my stomach intestines and colon, but I needed something to move my food due to swelling and done the trick, just one cup a day, two is you are very over weight. But it's about adjusting what you eat, I have two huels a day and fish at night with broccoli, can't eat carbs. But so far so good, and will buy again A+++++

10outa10-Ny-5 Stars

Great tea

Sj-Texas-5 Stars

A good product to keep on hand during the Christmas season. Definitely helps clear out the system when you've over indulged on a few to many mince pies or just feel a bit bloated from the festivities.
I generally use the Puritee brand but tried these as they were out of stock. I don't know how they work as a weight loss product as I generally keep them on hand as I'm a coeliac and i find them usuful if i accientally eat something that doesnt agree with me, or for the occational weekend detox. Takes around 8 hours to do the job so fast acting and no unnecessary nasties from pills. The tea itself has a milder flavour than some other similar products as well.

Addi-North london-5 Stars

This tea is no quick fix, you need to be patient to see results in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise (which can be just walking if this is your preference). I’m receiving more comments re my weight loss being noticeable, so the patience is paying off.

CRAIG MCARTHER-California-5 Stars

Great tea and surely does detox you. I’ve not been able to take continuously. Starts to work after 8 hours so don’t take too late or you’ll be up during the night.

With other teas I got really bad stomach cramp but these feel more gentle that way which is much better.

Penelope-Georgia-5 Stars

Bonus: flat tummy and a reduced appetite. Will do twice a week to give myself a detox and boost weight loss. Im already doing a healthy eating plan and exercise so this is an extra. I have lost 5 lbs since January and only want to loose another 7 before I am at the stone I want to lose. Good luck

Mima-New jersey-5 Stars

Great product, helps to detox. Not for the week stomach individuals.
I would definitely recommend.

J E SEDWELL-Florida-5 Stars

Very good for constipation I just use one a day

Eva-Delaware-5 Stars

Fantastic would recommend